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Spokey Blokeys

Aug 30, 2015

Shane and Rodney ride around in the suburb of Greenacre. Topics include: Green acres, Rodney doesn't see race, band rehearsal, drinks and gigs, spokey blokey jokeys, Shane's dad, cement rendering, pop a wheelie, heckles, Dr Karl, naming planets, rubbish, War of The Worlds, Juno Parade, Life Without...

Aug 16, 2015

Rodney and Shane ride around in the suburb of Meadowbank. Topics include Spokey Blokey Jokeys, Netball, Mangroves, Fish spotters guide, Zetland, biscuits, vegan biscuits, Riley, Iceland, The sun, Astronomy, native stones, wars, train jumping and guitar shops 

Aug 2, 2015

Shane and Rodney ride in the suburb of Zetland. Topics include: Zetland, modern parks, in the ghetto, gangs, thug life, industry, Toto, high rises, grand stand parade, rock band album names, Chicago, The Early Hours, artificial, communities, shopping trolleys, cars, artists, cooking with too much soy,...